Monday, April 7, 2014

Jews, WASPs, Catholics & Mass Hysteria.

We know from the Old Testament that Jews have had a problem as a people from day one with chasing after false gods. Their Christian brothers and sisters have inherited the gene as well. How long will the chosen people worship Beelzebub?

At this point six years into the Obama administration the problem is not that a person is liberal or conservative. Liberalism in the original sense of the word was a very good thing, the kind of thinking that got the western world out of the Dark Ages and into Enlightenment and eventually spurred history's first major democratic republic based on private property and individual freedom. To think liberally, to want society to evolve and progress, to seek peace and prosperity for everyone - these are not bad goals. In the argument between today's liberal and conservative, it really boils down to a reckoning of the manner of getting there, not whether social progress is the desired end.

The real problem today, the one which is supposedly causing gridlock in Congress and has America split down the middle politically, is the stubborn messianic belief in Obama that even some well educated, well meaning folks are having a hard time shaking in the face of the devastating facts.

Obama is a liar. There is no question of it. There is film, and if there wasn't film, there is memory, because he has repeated his lies over and over again so that we couldn't miss them and in order to influence many ignorant and many well educated people to vote for him. He and key figures in his administration are liars, corrupt, incompetent to effect positive change in America, and feckless in their ability to deal with world affairs from Palestine to Putin.

The lying is not just about Obamacare. It's about the IRS, about Libya, about Fast and Furious, about even the unemployment numbers. Less than 7%? Give me a break. More people than ever are unemployed, on food stamps, on disability, on Medicare, and we're supposed to believe not just that unemployment is under 10%, but closer to 5%! It's more like 20% when the numbers are not jiggered. There's no doubt the IRS has been persecuting conservative groups. Any moron can see that what happened in Benghazi was sheer, conscious dereliction of duty for which someone should be serving a prison term, and Fast and Furious was nothing less than reckless homicide on a massive scale.

And 7 million people enrolled in Obamacare? Right.

The facts indicate that the Obama administration is corrupt from top to bottom, from east to west, and inside to its core. Yet supposedly well educated, well informed people continue to support it. My liberal friends.

I can forgive mistaken judgment. I could have been wrong about him when I recognized Mr. Obama as a con man from the get-go. But now it's a matter of facing facts, and I just can't swallow any more support for Obama from the thinking left. That there are special interest groups, minorities and such who do, that will never change. But for the informed, the educated, the privileged - there's no excuse. It's time to melt the golden calf, if not in the name of God then at least for the sake of social and political sanity.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pardon my Ukrainian...

...but how in the world did we get such a pussy as president???

I'm sorry about the crude language but there's just no other word to describe this guy. I'm not sure anybody even uses that word any more, but we teenage boys sure knew what it meant in the 70's. He's just talk and bluster and can't stand up to a strong breeze. In Texas he'd be known as all hat and no cattle. He's  passive aggressiveness personified, railing against the one per cent to cheering crowds of high school and college students who have no idea what he's talking about, hiding behind a shield of charging racism to fend off all critique, bending the laws to his will with his corrupt Department of Justice and IRS to persecute his domestic enemies.

Vladimir Putin, among others, has long ago called his bluff. After the talking was done there was no line in Syrua, no help in Libya, no backbone in Egypt, and no teeth in the deal with Iran, among other namby-pamby policy in world affairs. So there will be no democracy in Crimea, and stay tuned, no doubt all of the Ukraine eventually.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

If Colorado can defy Federal law... allowing recreational use of marijuana, why can't Tennessee defy Federal law by allowing us to purchase 100 watt incandescent light bulbs? Or at least 60 watt???

Monday, February 3, 2014

There are (almost) no atheists on Valentines Day.

If Forrest Gump was right that life is like a box of chocolates, then here is a chocolate for you this Valentines Day.

"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love." - 1 John 4:16

There is no more important single sentence in the Bible.

Even if you think you don't believe, or if you feel you don't know enough to believe in God... If you love your children, your parents, your spouse or friend or even a puppy, then you've found God.

If you are in a church that  is preaching materialism, political activism, racism, sexism, envy, blame... anything other than love... then maybe you need to find a new church. Remember, religion is of people; faith is of God. If you are not in a church then just keep loving and maybe a church will catch up with you. Just don't wallow. Take action. Share some love. Be a seeker.

So here's another chocolate to leave with you: "Seek, and ye shall find." - Luke 11:9

Happy Valentines!

Monday, January 20, 2014

We are not alone.

    This week was a hard one. I was feeling raw Saturday morning, kind of like the weather. Twenty-something degrees. An uncomfortable breeze. And I was waiting for a plumber on the front porch at Erin-Tops because it was colder inside than out. He was going to look at the situation under the house caused by the recent hard freeze. It had taken out my water supply and left me looking for a bill from the water company that I dread seeing in the mailbox.

     But I didn't just find a plumber, I made a new friend. We hit it off right away, sharing a laugh about another customer, a sweet older lady who, he said, you could put the phone on the porch yonder and hear her just fine from twenty paces. And I got an inspiring story to boot. He thought to tell me because, when giving him directions, I had mentioned the stone pillars at the bottom of the driveway.

     He asked if I knew the other house down the highway a bit that also had stone pillars. He said one night some years ago, his daughter had been driving home in her Jeep on a wet night and skidded out at that driveway. The Jeep smashed into a tree, sending its hardtop flying and throwing her clear across the highway. Neighbors heard the crash and ran to help. A Life Flight helicopter was called in and carried her to Nashville.

     When my friend finally got to the hospital, he knew it was bad because a priest came into the room at the same time he did. The doctors told him she was in a coma and recovery wasn't likely. People just don't recover from the kind of injuries she sustained, they said.

     Meanwhile one of the men who'd been on the scene of the accident told him that while they had been waiting for the Life Flight, a woman stopped her car and came over to his daughter and prayed over her. The man said it was the most beautiful prayer he'd ever heard. And then the woman got back in her car and drove off. No one knew her.

     My friend's daughter did recover. And in just a short time, she was back at her job in an animal clinic. Talking to the doctor about it one day, her grateful father called it a miracle. The doctor said, "Thank you for saying that. We can't these days because it might offend somebody. But nothing short of a miracle is what saved your daughter."

     I got chill bumps when my new friend was finished with his story. It had nothing to do with the temperature. You can draw your own conclusions. But that little story reminded me that there are angels all around us. It is up to us to allow them into our life. If we do, they may just save it. Somehow, despite the temperature and the chilling story, I felt warmer inside by the time my new friend left to take care of his next customer.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Book Review: Brave New World

     “Because our world is not the same as Othello’s world,” explains the Controller to the Savage in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. “…The world’s stable now. People are happy. They get what they want, and they never want what they can’t get. They’re well off; they’re safe; they’re never ill; they’re not afraid of death; they’re blissfully ignorant of passion and old age; they’re plagued with no fathers or mothers; they’ve got no wives, or children, or lovers to feel strongly about; they’re so conditioned that they practically can’t help behaving as they ought to behave. And if anything should go wrong, there’s soma.”

     Such is the utopia Huxley imagined for the year 632 AF (After Ford). Huxley’s book was first published in 1931. In the Foreward to my edition that Huxley wrote just after World War II, he notes that he missed predicting nuclear fission. I would add with the benefit of about 80 years of hindsight, he also missed the computer. They're still keeping data on index cards in Brave New World. With all the spying going on these days, we may do well to go back to that.

     But he erred in little else spotting the trends of the modern progressive march of civilization, very early on in the game. In the Brave New World, everyone belongs to everyone else (“It takes a village…”). All babies are conceived in test tubes, selectively bred to come out as one type of human being from the lowest workers, Epsilons, to the smartest from whom the Controllers are chosen, the Alpha Pluses. The children are brought up in state institutions, carefully programmed with Pavlovian precision to like what benefits an orderly society and to detest what doesn’t, including especially family, faith, and individuality. All are conditioned to consume as much as possible to keep the factories humming. The few remaining human beings who actually procreate and fend for themselves are the Savages, confined to a reservation in the boonies.

     The women are “pneumatic” and they wear contraceptive belts. Any accidental pregnancies are terminated by abortion centers. All social diseases have been wiped out and sex is purely for recreation, with as many different partners as one can schedule, and sex-play is promoted among the children from the earliest ages. Thanks to careful breeding and science, everyone looks young for as long as they live. When it does come time to die—poof!—they disappear into a dying center.

     And as the Controller says, for anything that goes less than perfectly, there is Soma. Soma is doled out carefully to everyone. It can be taken at a low dose to relax you if you’re nervous and at a high dose as a sleeping pill, bringing nothing but pleasant dreams. Yet it is non-addictive and comes with no hangover the next day. The only side effect is that if you take too much of it, your life is shortened. Hmm. Nice point.

     I nominate Huxley for Genius of the Twentieth Century. He called it right. One need only look at politics in the "Free World" to see that everything driving the agenda now is about having no pain, fearing no God, and turning one’s life over to the state. Or at consumerism to see that it is all about looking young, sex appeal (and performance), and… in some way… being happy, or at least child-like.

     Personally, I’m happy enough with the imperfections that make me an individual. And if I didn’t appreciate this book when I read it as a teenager, I certainly do now. I wonder how many schools are still requiring it. My guess is, when the new progressive order is fully enforced in 2014 CE or so, it will be among the first books warmed up by the thought police to Fahrenheit 451.

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's the Sovereignty, Stupid.

     Remember James Carville’s famous remark about Bill Clinton’s race against George H.W. Bush? “It’s the economy, Stupid.” That’s an anachronism now, no longer relevant, a moot point.   The real issue now is sovereignty. Personal sovereignty, state sovereignty, national sovereignty.

    Sovereignty is the only truth left. Because the powers that be—in this case the Obama administration—have discovered that when you can’t deliver a good economy you just lie about it and buy everybody off.

     For example, take the unions. They are not only getting Obamacare exemptions for Christmas. Let’s try to remember in all this talk about helping the poor by raising the minimum wage, that the unions are really the only entities gaining from it, not the poor. The working poor will lose jobs because of a higher minimum wage. But union members’ wages are indexed to the minimum wage, so when the minimum wage goes up, so do their hourly salaries.

     The whole minimum wage issue, as with just about everything else that becomes a lead story on NPR, NBC, ABC, Fox, and so forth, is just a diversion from the real problem: sovereignty. Congress, Democrat and Republican, has been bought and sold. The economy is artificial, their so-called civil rights work for homosexuals and illegal aliens and the uninsured is all a sham to distract from the real purpose. And basically there’s nothing we can do about any of it in an immediate sense. Even voting in state elections is Quixotic. Activist courts will just declare decisions that they don’t like unconstitutional as has been amply shown lately in California and Utah, where votes overwhelmingly against allowing gay marriage have been undone by judicial fiat.
     If you'll strip away all the posing and chatter, it’s sovereignty that’s really under attack from the established powers, who find personal privacy, property rights, faith, and individualism in general, to be very inconvenient impediments to their plans.

     Their plans? What plans? And who are “They”? Well, “They” are not necessarily the one-worlders, not necessarily some sort of Bilderberg cabal who are pulling all the strings. “They” are whatever entity is at the controls behind the curtain, issuing regulations, making taxes, setting policy. Turning the old axiom on its head, "They" are already absolutely corrupt and the only thing standing in the way of their dystopian dreams is gaining absolute power.

     Who “They” are, is not “Us”—the individual souls who run small businesses, who raise families, who keep our faith, our opinions, our individual destinies in spite of fashion. “They” don’t really have a plan other than to get as much from “Us” as they can, whether through debt creation (for example, taxing the next generation to pay for today’s excesses), through dependency (look at the millions added to the food stamp program, the unemployed, the disability rolls, and now in a big way, Medicaid), or by thought control (look no further than Paula Deen and Phil Robertson for egregious examples).

     And speaking of egregious examples, take Obamacare. This gargantuan piece of legislation is perhaps the greatest victory over individual sovereignty ever successfully executed. The botched rollout is telling of the operators' incompetence, but hardly matters. Despite Rush's hope that Obama fails, he has not failed. He has pulled off the heist. I really don’t get the impression that Barack Obama is losing any sleep over a botched rollout, do you?

     Any adult who has owned so much as a beat up old car knows that debt makes you a slave. Once you owe a bank or whomever a sum of money, you are not free until you’ve paid that money off. So now under Obamacare, we are all obliged to pay for health insurance of their design whether we want it or not. If we don’t, the federal government has the power to tax us and, coincidentally, to portion out whatever health care they think is appropriate. And this burden falls especially to the younger generation which is already saddled with debt for their education, a debt owed, not coincidentally, to the federal government, just as most likely will be the mortgage on the house they buy one day, if they can ever afford to do so.

     Sovereignty, essentially, is being in control of one’s own destiny. Each time we give up a portion of our sovereignty we become more a slave and less of a sovereign child of God exercising free will by acting on conscience. The sad part is, we too often do so voluntarily or more likely, ignorantly.

     Between now and the next presidential election in 2016, we can only hope that a candidate steps forth who taps into the rage that will boil to the surface when enough people finally figure out that in essence their freedom has been robbed from them.

     Whether America survives as the beacon of hope for the world boils down to whether its people will fight for their individual sovereignty—including, politically speaking, the sovereignty of their states to make their own laws and their nation not to be subject to the laws of foreign nations—or become willing slaves of outside entities. It’s the sovereignty, Stupid,.And if watching all that is going on these days is not inspiring you to take on the fight to protect what you are losing… Well, then you, Comrade, and all of Us, are lost.