Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And your enemies closer.

I’d like to think that despite my disbelief, America will emerge from Barack Obama’s presidency stronger, freer, and further ahead of the pack. Anticipating this sunny outcome, many are comparing Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln, who appointed several former political foes to his cabinet. The anticipated appointment of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State seems to fit the mold.

I’ll believe the comparison is valid when he appoints Rush Limbaugh to a cabinet position.

It’s been very convenient for the media to lead with the idea that the only obstacle to Hillary Clinton’s confirmation is Bill Clinton’s donor list. If he’ll just share that and agree to avoid conflicts of interest, then it will be ok. This is a feint. The real problem with Hillary Clinton’s appointment is encapsulated by “The Path to 9/11”.

“The Path to 9/11” is the controversial docu-drama produced and aired once by ABC a couple of years ago which very thoroughly traces the lapses in security and decisiveness during the Clinton administration that opened the way for Osama bin Laden and his band of Islamist sociopaths to attack and destroy the World Trade Center, among other targets. The series was so controversial that ABC even chose not to run advertising during it. They had to change portions of it under threat of lawsuits from the Clintons. And to this day, neither a rerun nor a DVD copy of the show has been released.

As many have pointed out, giving Hillary Clinton Secretary of State should be a big enough prize to get her to leave the Senate, where she could do far more domestic political damage to Obama than she can at State. In this way, like Lincoln, Barack Obama is getting her “out” of the way by inviting her “in”.

But in with Hillary come a pack of ghosts from the past. And not one of them suggests that State will further strength, freedom, or sovereignty for America. Before Barack Obama gets further along making appointments from the Clinton administration and appointing Clintons themselves, somebody needs to pull out a copy of “The Path to 9/11” and let him sit down with it for a few hours. It's one thing to "keep your enemies closer"; it's another to allow yourself to be surrounded them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hordes of Jinjiss Conn

I’m really disappointed that John Kerry doesn’t seem to be getting the Secretary of State gig he wants so badly. He just looks and sounds so smart.

I was looking forward to seeing him exercise his diplomatic muscle by comparing our military to heathens again with his aristocratic accent and airs while casting a blind eye to enemies with a penchant for beheading contrarians.

Perhaps John Murtha could have served as Under Secretary for Stupid Comments and Jesse Jackson as Ombudsman for Hymie-Baiting. Certainly Jackson’s appointment would placate the Arabs who are upset that the new Chief of Staff is a Jew. That is, when he isn’t muttering behind President Obama’s back that he’d like to castrate him.

I’ve heard some folks saying now that they’re glad Obama got elected because at least he seems smart. One of my lawyer buddies thought Obama’s being president of the Harvard Law Review was accomplishment enough to recommend him as POTUS. And it’s no secret that supposedly educated people just can’t slam George Bush enough for being stupid.

But… George Bush graduated from Yale. George Bush had a higher grade point average at Yale than John Kerry did. George Bush is so incompetent that he learned to fly fighter jets. And managed to marry and stay married to a class lady like Laura Bush. And has kept us well protected from a second terror attack on the U.S. for eight years and managed a quick turnaround after 9-11 and robust economy after that until the Democrats gained control of Congress.

I believe some people are too “smart” for their own good or anybody else’s. Like those who’ve studied the Bible so thoroughly and thoughtfully that they’ve lost their faith. Or forgotten that just because you can’t see their faces when their lives are snuffed out, it doesn’t mean abortion isn’t murder.

My children's Mimi has a favorite saying: “Pretty is as pretty does.” That applies in governance as well as life. It doesn’t matter how well you speak, how well you wear a suit, or what your pedigree, it’s what you can do that counts.

A lot of people having been wishing for a President who looked smart. They’ve got one.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

· All the beating up on Sarah Palin just proves what a formidable force she is. Even the rats scurrying out of McCain’s ship have attempted to shift blame to her for their own incompetence. The fact is that without Palin McCain’s ship would have been dead in the water long before last Tuesday, even before the deadly effects of the Bailout debacle. And who better might have been on the ticket? To misquote Churchill, she was the worst possible pick for V.P. except for all the others.

· Obama’s cheap shot at Nancy Reagan in his first post-election press conference was character-revealing—as was his membership in Rev. Wright’s race-bating congregation, his political birthing from the womb of William Ayers (who among other despicable acts dedicated one of his books to Sirhan Sirhan, assassin of Robert Kennedy), and his early refusal to stand up in little things like wearing a flag lapel pin or covering his heart during the pledge- until it became a political liability.

· I don’t blame blacks for being jazzed about Obama’s election. I suppose for those who assumed that the election of a black as president was impossible, it is quite exhilerating. But I never doubted that. Did anyone under the age of, say, 55? Maybe Democrats, who have never moved past about 1964. I think it's time we all got to a post-racial state. I think blacks ought to be able to laugh at jokes about themselves no matter who tells them, just like Polacks and dumb blondes and we middle age white guys do

The sad thing is that Obama is like a cruel joke at the expense of the black race. America has been a continually unfolding land of opportunity for African immigrants since the end of slavery (before even that, actually)—until the 60s, when the federal government started treating blacks like incompetent boobs via excessive handouts and affirmative action. Underachieving blacks as a whole have become enslaved again by the nanny state, a Democrat hallmark. Obama is not the culmination of the civil rights struggle. He is its doom.

· It’s hard to imagine how America will rid itself of the infection of creeping (now scurrying?) socialism. There is a huge block of voters who pay no income tax, who get handouts via food stamps, the earned income credit, and other subsidies, and/or who get a civil-service protected paycheck from the government on the local, state, and federal levels. They know no other tit and the idea of weaning themselves from it and bootstrapping themselves up is either absurd or unknown to them.

· I guess it turns out that none of the conspiracy theories about George Bush were true or he certainly would be preparing to hand power over to Jeb in January instead of Barack and Michelle.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

President Obama

Black Americans and the whites who got swept up in the Obama-mania that swept him into office are going to very sorry that they have squandered the civil rights movement on this man.

The country is moving irrevocably into the heart of darkness. I am not referring to skin color. Rather we have forsaken the principles of the founding fathers and fallen to the heel of Kruschev’s shoe.

A preacher was recently quoted comparing Obama to Martin and Moses. I think that belittles Martin's achievement and mistakes Moses. It is not Moses whom Obama resembles, but the golden calf.

I will not worship the golden calf.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A feeling of dread.

Of course the prospect of a Democrat sweep is depressing in many ways. Free speech will be threatened by a return of the “Fairness Doctrine”, an example of Newspeak if there ever was one. There will be less hope than ever that innocent lives will be saved by an overturning of Roe v. Wade. So-called “reparations” for slavery will become a patronage goodie. Same-sex marriage and open homosexuality even around children will likely be treated on par with civil rights. Gun rights will be abridged or eliminated all together. All vestiges of Christianity will be run out of the public domain. Global warming fanatics will drive all energy policy. The military will be cut and belittled, and Obama has even indicated he will will create a civilian security force on par with the military. What in the world does he mean by that, a new Gestapo? A new SS? Hitler Youth? Apparently he has some model in mind. I can think of no others, at least from free societies.

There are many more issues on which liberals have a way of turning good sense upside down and playing to the weakest aspects of our life and neutering the strongest. But in a way all those issues are window dressing. They’re bad but they’re not the crux of the threat to western civilization. Rather, Obama has hardly concealed in his passive aggressive style his contempt for and his intent to “change American fundamentally”. The fundamentals are God and freedom as stated very plainly right at the top of the Declaration of Independence. Here it comes. God help us.