Saturday, July 25, 2009

Acting Stupidly

The question I've been asking for months - when are Americans going to wake up to what kind of President they've actually elected? - is being answered now.

Nothing has revealed how incompetent President Obama is to lead the country as his ham-handed condemnation of the Cambridge police this week without caring to know the facts of what actually happened. It was a stunt worthy of a campaign but not of an effective government.

Even blacks, who without dispute have been at the bad end of police work historically, recognize that the Harvard professor is just a jerk and a blowhard. Most would probably arrest him just to shut him up, too, given the chance. He's the kind of guy who gives not just blacks, but Harvard, and professors, and senior citizens all a bad name. And now, it's becoming clear to everyone that Barack Obama is cut from the same cloth.

This follows on the heels of so many other Obama failings - cabinet appointees who don't pay taxes, "bailouts" full of pork, a false hurry to push through expensive legislation that does not work as advertised, blaming Bush for the deficit while tripling it with new spending, taking over mismanaged private industry only to manage it worse, funding financial institutions with tax dollars to spend the money no better than they did with legitimate investment, and putting forth a Supreme Court nominee who makes Harriet Myers look like a luminary. Not to mention a half million more jobs lost this month.

So, now, with delusions of his grandeur evaporating, maybe a majority of Americans and hopefully their representatives in Congress can get to work on counteracting the damage Obama is inflicting on America.

Has anyone else noticed how with each stall of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid legislative agenda, the stock market rises? The fact that cap and trade and government health care and card check haven't sailed right on through Congress has been the best news for the free market so far this year.

Perhaps what we're seeing is that Americans can be fooled by the audacity of hope, but no matter how bold he is, we'll all eventually see through the pretense of one who acts stupidly enough for long enough.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fraud or Self-Delusion?

Today I awoke to an excerpt of President Obama's Saturday morning radio address. His message was that the stimulus has brought the economy back from the brink of disaster and saved millions of jobs.

It is slightly encouraging that polls are showing independent voters peeling off from supporting Obama. But it is still amazing to me that so many responsible, working Americans have sat by while he rushes to disassemble two hundred years of building the world's most effective free enterprise system.

The President is either shameless or willfully ignorant. I tend to think the former but it could actually be the latter. He may be so vested in the bitter counterculturalism of the sixties that he cannot see things as they really are. Either way, at the worst he reveals deceit and at the best incompetence by making such statements in direct contradiction to the truth.

Why has he not lost all support already?

Again I come back to the idea that it is simply human nature to resist admitting a mistake. Voting Obama in with Pelosi and Reid riding shotgun was such a colossal mistake that it will take longer than normal for most people to own up to it.

Meanwhile, those of us who've managed to stay in business hang on by our fingernails. We are indeed living on the brink and our persistence is the only thing that has saved millions of jobs in the face of Obama's onslaught which has stunned the marketplace.

It is insulting that he takes credit for the opposite of what he is doing while we, and the millions of newly unemployed, pay the price for it.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

So what? Who cares?

Today North Korea fired four more missiles of some description, apparently harmless, no doubt significant only in their number, symbolic of America's Fourth of July. Though the missiles had no physical target, it was obvious they were North Korea's way of flipping a bird at the U.S. But so what? Who cares? Nobody is going to do anything about about it, especially Barack Obama and certainly not the U.N., whose sanctions the deployment actually violates. Perhaps some day North Korea will actually do something worth responding to, like hitting Hawaii with a nuclear tipped missile. We can take care of them then. In the meantime we are busy enough cheering on the ayatollahs and Chavezes of the world.

There is other news of more import. Sarah Palin has announced that not only will she step down as governor of Alaska but will not serve out her current term, turning the reins of power over to the Lt. Governor at the end of this month. Of course she's sent the politicos into a tizzy. I heard one of her Democrat opponents in Alaska call the move "un-Alaskan" on NPR this morning. Others are characterizing the move as a sign of her capriciousness.

I don't know whether Sarah Palin will use the freedom from governing to work on a 2012 presidential campaign or even if she would make a good president. But I like her style and I take her at her word on this, that she does not want to be a lame duck governor. The last two lame duck years of George W. Bush's term, except for the surge, were a complete disaster, dominated by a leftist Congress. The Democrats are throwing everything they can at Sarah Palin in Alaska. Nothing's sticking, but all the muckraking is a huge and expensive distraction. She knows that if she stays in office, it only invites more of the same.

In Atlas Shrugged there is a scene in which John Galt, the great icon of individual and economic freedom, is held at gunpoint to be a spokesman on television for the corrupt socialist government that is destroying the world through its incompetence. At the last moment when it comes his time to speak he twists his body to show the world that he is at gunpoint then proclaims "Just get the hell out of our way!" That is his message for the government.

That too is Sarah Palin's, I think. Like John Galt, when working from within will not succeed, she is willing to work from without. Besides being beautiful, and speaking truth to power as they like to say, she is also effective. That scares the poop out of the left.

The left may get away with saying so what, who cares to North Korea's missiles, but they won't get away with that approach to Sarah Palin. She is a clear and present danger to their Marxist ideology and their hold on power.