Thursday, October 29, 2009


Our FedEx Ground package volume chart says it all.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Executive Pay Cuts

In terms of free market economics, of course, the Feds have no business setting executive pay in private businesses regardless of their involvement otherwise. It is bad precedent, policy, and politics.

On the other hand, the executives who have stayed around at banks and other institutions that the Feds have coopted deserve what they're getting. If they are so smart and capable, they would have jumped ship as soon as they knew the Feds were getting their claws into the business, or at the very least as soon as they saw what happened to the AIG execs.

Perhaps they felt they were doing their patriotic duty. But now that they've seen that the Feds will welsh on their compensation agreements, I think that all the executives at those companies should walk out, a la the producers strike in Atlas Shrugged. Otherwise, they're just... government workers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day, Observed

So I was reading an article last night about how schools across America now show the "dark side" of Christopher Columbus. From the awful opinion of him held by today's half-wit history - excuse me, social studies - teachers, we'll soon be calling him Colon like the Latinos.

I suppose it was mighty short-sighted of him to come over here and infect all the natives with dread diseases. He should have had the decency to wait until H1N1 innoculations were available or at least until Amoxycillin was invented.

And those Indians whom he didn't kill with syphillus- how he treated them! Awful! You'd think he would have recognized the advantages of having no wheel or sailboats and worshiping idols. Where was his cultural sensitivity? Why, he was the first ugly American!

I saw another criticism of him for landing in Cuba or wherever and not knowing where he was. What an idiot for not buying a GPS system at Radio Shack before he left Europe.

Me, I still think Columbus was quite brave. I admire individuals who risk it all for something better, for something new, to be the first, to go the farthest. I know they're still human beings and have flaws and that to get where they're going, they're probably going to step on some toes along the way. But to me, those like Columbus who move us forward are the heroes of humanity, not the villains.

But what do I know. I'm just a flat earther.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Fools Gold Medal

It says everything about our times that the International Olympic Committee has more integrity than the Swedish Nobel Committee.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Big Question

The stock market has stalled (meaning I won my bet that it wouldn’t hit 10k by September 30...mmm mmm mmm, I'm going to enjoy that lunch), unemployment continues to climb, consumer confidence is going nowhere, and from what I've heard from my vendors who also serve retail, no one has much hope that Christmas sales will be any good.

Not to mention that we have a leaderless military, an ineffectual state department that can't get up from down right re Israel and Iran or anything else, and a president who has just committed a huge p.r. blunder for both himself and the country in Copenhagen.

Slipping dramatically in the polls, pushing a completely unpopular health care agenda, the Obama administration is on the ropes.

Yet President Obama continues to do things that denigrate and, in effect, undo the very country he leads, undermining the free market, a strong dollar, and military integrity.

So the big question now is, how much damage will he do before he is neutralized by the Congressional elections in 2010 and replaced by a new president in 2012?