Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hope & Change for Q1 2010

The word today is that cap and trade legislation is dead this term. That means Congress won't pass into law before the new year a huge tax on businesses and individuals presumably designed to fight global warming.

Supposedly card check legislation is dead, too. That means that for this year at least, businesses are not staring down the barrel of forced unionization.

These two failures of the Democrats to ram socialist programs down our collective throats could hardly be better news for the economy.

The only thing better that could happen now is if the Pelosi health care legislation dies in the Senate, too. That would make a trifecta.

My business volume is down about 35% from last year. I am operating with two part-time employees where I used to have three full-time employees. Everyone I talk to, customers and vendors alike, holds little hope for improvement next year.

But I am getting more and more optimistic about the first quarter. If there are no more bailouts and none of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi legislation passes between now and then, free enterprise might actually have a chance to start creating jobs next quarter.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lincoln's Rolling His Eyes

Barack Obama's inability to take action one way or the other regarding Afghanistan reminds me of Abraham Lincoln's inability to find a general who would stop with the getting ready already and actually prosecute the war against the South.

Except it's not the generals who are the problem in this case, but the commander-in-chief.

Obama's problem isn't finding a U.S. Grant, but being one.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Health Care Shmealth Care

I don't think most Americans realize how dramatically their individual freedom will be impinged by the health care bill passed by the House this weekend. The government's take-over of the health care industry will allow it to dictate virtually everything about our lives. But that fact is lost because the debate is too big and the details too confusing for most of us with busy lives.

On the other hand what everyone should easily understand is that this bill takes ten years worth of taxes to fund only six years of program. The taxes start next year but the program doesn't go into place until 2013.

That fact alone should make every taxpayer in the country sick over this.