Monday, December 28, 2009

The Streaker Strikes Stupid Statism

A must-see video from one of my all time favorite Music City artistes:

Udn Udn.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I listen to NPR fairly often. I used to tell myself that I did it for balance, but now it's more like a bad habit I can't shake.

Before Obama, the network seemed intent on being truly impartial, spending substantial time covering both sides of every issue, and it was simply irritating that NPR missed no chance to mock George Bush and apologize for the likes of Teddy Kennedy and Jimmy Carter.

But nowadays Daniel Shorr and Juan Williams seem right wing when heard on NPR. The network is full of males who sound as if they've never had the notion to consort with a female. There's not a chance missed to blame natural phenomena on the global warming hoax. Republicans are portrayed consistently as party poopers in Obama's grand reign. And you'd think from the network's constant pushing of the Democrats' health care "reform" that virtually nobody in America has insurance and those who do, hate it.

Now when I listen to NPR I get the feeling that I am peering into the heart of darkness, that NPR is laying out for me the fractured logic that makes left wingers push programs like cap and trade and the public option and abortion rights and such and somehow believe not only that those things are morally right, but even that they will be the exceptions where the government actually does anything better than the private sector. From listening to NPR, you'd think that turning over control of our health and treasure to the Feds is a desirable thing.

I'm pretty pessimistic about the direction of our country these days and NPR doesn't make me feel any better about it. But even as bleak as these days seem, with all the recovery-killing legislation lurking in Congress and being on the verge of passing ruinous health care reform, I think the lefties have vastly miscalculated the heart and soul of America. They have swept into power on the deceptive "hope and change" ticket, yet Americans at all walks of life, even those who pay no taxes and suck up benefits from those of us who do, will ultimately reject the nanny state, Chicken Little approach to government and the tyrants who exploit it.

The Feds have been trying to get me to stop smoking for a long time. They haven't succeeded. I will smoke to spite the bastards for telling me how to live my life if for no other reason. But maybe when the tide turns against the current regime it will finally be recognized that balanced news and cultural programming are antithetical to government funding and the plug will finally be pulled on NPR. That's one bad habit I'd love to have the Feds help me break.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Go Joe Go

If there's anybody who can make the health care fiasco into lemonade for himself, it's Joe Lieberman. Although I disagree with him on nearly every aspect of his social views, he has shined as a voice of reason in foreign policy and now in the health care reform debate.

If Joe Lieberman will continue to hold the line against the public option and the cost, I believe we will be looking at the man who achieves something far more significant than being elected America's first black president - its first Jewish president.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


All that buildup, all the weeks and months of "deliberation", and Barack Obama delivers a plan for Afghanistan that he could and should have had in place months ago if he had any leadership ability.

The words that still come to my mind about him after ten months in office are "incompetent boob". He's the new MBA who's never had a job in his life hired because of connections to run a company division. He's the rich kid with no direction of his own who suddenly shows up at his father's company with a desk and a title. He is the affirmative action hire. He's the legacy fraternity brother. He's the guy who won't retire. He's the guy who gets your parking space. He's the empty suit. And he's our President.

God help those serving in our military under the current Commander in Chief and the mealy-mouthed, girly-man Secretary Gates. That one-two punch is setting us up for disaster.