Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Gathering Storm

As President Obama struts about the country spiking the ball and doing his end zone dance in front of pockets of ignorant cheering micro-crowds, a storm is gathering around him.

It's not the militias or spitters or racists or "tea baggers" or whatever straw men he and his propaganda machine are setting out as a threat to America this week.

Rather, it's the great middle - especially the middle class. Many average hardworking Americans still don't have any idea how hard taxes and loss of freedom are going to hit them in the coming few years. But as polls increasingly indicate, more are waking up to it every day.

Those who have not yet faced the fact that Obama was indeed a Manchurian Candidate are in severe denial.

We small business types and any other thinking people already know it. But how much longer before the Baby Boomers who are living off their parents' hard earned money in the Green Hills and Belle Meades and Brentwoods of America realize that they will be the prime target? How much longer can the typical liberal American Jew rationalize Obama's hostility toward Jerusalem? How much longer before the typical black voter realizes that he's been cynically used by one of his own not to open opportunity for "his people" but simply to advance his personal ambitions? How much longer before all of America finally wakes up and says duh, yeah it's cool that we've come along so far that we can elect a minority president but when you guarantee outcome, you destroy opportunity?

I don't know. But I do know from how the health care legislation was passed that Obama and the other leftists who find themselves in power today have no intention of giving up that power.They have no more respect for the democratic republic laid out in the Constitution than does Cesar Chavez for that of Venezuela. Socialism cannot survive without fascism and monomaniacs like Obama and Chavez know that.

They will subvert the system in whatever way necessary to keep themselves in power. We will see it in November and see it again in 2012. We will lose even when we seem to win. And when the great middle of America finally all wakes up to that, it will get very ugly.

The good part is, good always triumphs over evil and freedom over slavery. It just takes a while and the winning is hard fought.