Sunday, November 28, 2010

President Obama's Gestapo?

A couple of days ago while I was driving down Charlotte Pike near Pep Boys, I noticed a large white SUV with the word POLICE in big blue block letters stenciled on the sides. It was pulling onto Charlotte right in front of me, in my direction.

I knew right away from the graphics styling that it wasn't Metro. It didn't seem to be something you'd see from Brentwood or Hendersonville or one of the other satellite communities. And it seemed too large and intimidating to be from a rentacop security company, though its styling kind of reminded me of one of those: close enough to a real police vehicle to make you think it was one.

I couldn't get right up to the vehicle but I got close enough to see this: it was marked as a Department of Homeland Security vehicle and said something about federal law enforcement. It turned off Charlotte at the moment I caught a glance of those words.

Excuse the seeming melodrama, but seeing this federal police vehicle on the streets of my city made my blood run cold. My mind immediately jumped to police states I have known from history and experience, specifically my years working in Mexico where the Federals were all over the place (look how well that's working out today) and thirty years ago, behind the Iron Curtain, which looked then like one huge prison yard compared to the West.

Although the very spot where I saw this POLICE vehicle was flooded with several feet of water back in May, there's certainly no disaster needing federal law enforcement there now. There is no terrorist threat to Nashville. And we have all we need of Metro, Capitol Hill police, and state troopers.

I don't think you need to be a very creative thinker to connect the dots between President Obama's campaign pledge to form a "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded" as the military. I believe the President may have come to office thinking he'd have to start such a "national security force" from scratch. He probably learned a quick lesson about that when he saw how quickly ACORN was scuttled. But in Homeland Security, he has found just what he was looking for.

Just look at what the TSA is doing in airports. Just look at how ICE has been used on the borders. Neither one has demonstrably done a thing in President Obama's two years in office to get a leg up on terrorism. Terrorist incidents discovered after the plots were already underway on our soil have risen manifold over the time since President Bush was in office, yet only luck has prevented most of them from from success in killing people and damaging property on our soil.

Like the billions of dollars that have been pumped into education "for the children" and misused to strengthen unions, dilute morality and core curriculum values, and enrich government leeches who profit from wasted government money, billions more are now being pumped into Homeland Security in the name of fighting terrorism but instead are being misused to strengthen the federal government's hold over its own citizens.

Watch for a Homeland Security POLICE vehicle coming to a street near you.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Great White Whale

If you've never read Moby Dick, or haven't read it since you were perhaps forced to as a student, I highly recommend it. Like all great novels, it has timeless lessons. The whaling industry out of New Bedford, Massachusetts no longer exists, but man's struggles against nature and his own nature sure do. For today, that story of Captain Ahab's pursuit of the great white whale and another story out of that part of Massachusetts, Scott Brown's recent election as Senator, offer good instruction for us.

For those of us who believe that the free market and individual responsibility are the bedrock of the American system, this week's election results were encouraging. Sixty seats shifting to the conservative side of the divide in Congress is big news. The relatively few high profile and highly irritating losses on our side--e.g., Harry Reid--are easily swallowed in comparison to the total control of Congress that the left has had up to now.

There are plenty of warnings out there that the Tea Party's work is not done. We cannot let up holding the newly elected Reps feet to the fire. We must make sure they are not swallowed up by the viper pit known as Washington. I agree with that wholeheartedly. While I believe that there were many true believers elected, there were no doubt some Lindsey Grahams among the pack, too. They need to be purged as soon as they reveal themselves.

But there's an equally dangerous threat from the left that I don't think is getting proper notice. Many have noted already President Obama's 60 Minutes interview in which he reveals that he does not get it. He thinks the Democrats lost so big because they just didn't communicate the value of their policies well enough to the electorate. And already Nancy Pelosi is confirming that she wants to be the minority leader. She is apparently unaware that this election was as much a repudiation of what she has done to pass Obamacare as of Obama's work himself.

It is not that these people are stupid, nor even just tone deaf. What they are, like Captain Ahab, is megalomaniacs. Nothing will stop them from killing the great white whale.

If we sometimes doubt that, for instance when President Obama feigns humility in a carefully staged and worded press interview, we need only remember the aftermath of Scott Brown's election to the Senate. All logical thinking said that the message had been delivered and the Democrats would abandon their quest for Obamacare as political suicide. Yet within weeks, by hook, crook, and no limit of corrupition, it was passed.

President Obama has a knack for presenting himself as a "good guy." He can talk the talk and walk the walk of both worlds which make up his roots. But a good guy he is not. He is determined to turn the country and its exceptional tradition upside down and inside out.

Here is where I diverge from others, or at least from what other mainstream commentators are willing to say: I believe if President Obama cannot undo America in four years, he will do whatever it takes to get another four, in the tradition of Castro and Chavez. In that context, I believe the Tea Party doesn't just have to police its own, but it better not take its eye off the ball of tyranny that Obama embodies.

Let President Obama, like Ahab, go down with the great white whale of liberalism if he will, but not with our ship of state.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I just voted.

It feels like Christmas.