Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fort Sumter, 2010

President Obama wants to make war on the free world which he feels has mistreated him so badly in life. In the health care deform legislation which will presumably by hook and crook be on its way to becoming law through Congressional action today, he will ignite the bomb that commences the war he wants.

For although there are ever growing numbers of people in America who prefer to be taken care of rather than take care of themselves (and will be many more when Obama subsequently rams through immigration deform legislation), there is a core of us still here who will not accept this new American slavery. We were born to be free and we will not accept a government that takes that away from us. And we are not so dense that we cannot see that this vote today is not at all about helping the uninsured but instead is all about forcing the insured into government run health care.

If this legislation were passed by the will of the people through legitimate means in Congress, it would be another matter. But that is not the case. It is clear that Congress has been bullied, bought, and brazenly had its intended path and purpose as laid out in the Constitution perverted to achieve anti-democratic aims. We have seen this same methodology at work in Venezuela, in Russia, in Honduras, and in Nicaragua. Today those fascists and other leftists who will fundamentally change America are applying the strategy in the heart of the free world, hoping for a coup.

But they will not win that coup. The looters and moochers of the world are winning the day, but they will not win the war to come. The American spirit will not tolerate tyrrany.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ya basta!

Supposedly this week brings the final push to force the snake oil called health care overhaul or health insurance reform, or whatever is the euphemism du jour, down the throats of the American people.

Obama and his statist coterie are determined to foist this upon us. It seems unbelievable that the current legislation will somehow get passed through reconciliation or any other way, but now we've seen that the administration will stop at nothing to push its agenda through. So they will do whatever it takes, or whatever they can, to buy out Congress, even if their method is of highly dubious legal standing and their madness definitely corrupts the intention of the founding fathers.

So now the question will be, which road will we as a people take? Will we let the Obama types pervert our democratic institutions so thoroughly that we will end up a Venezuela? Or will we rise to the occasion as the Hondurans did and say "Ya basta!"?