Saturday, August 14, 2010

Branch Obamians

There's been such a constant barrage of unbelievable news day after day since President Barack Hussein Obama took office that I've hardly known where to comment. It's as if those flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz were unleashed upon the world, upsetting everything that makes sense.

But I was especially piqued this morning when I heard news reports of Obama's supporting the Ground Zero mosque at an Islamic dinner last night. His support for the mosque based on the constitutional right to freedom of religion makes sense on the surface. Like, if you don't think about it at all.

To the point: What about the Branch Davidians? What about Jonestown? What about the old Mormon practice of polygamy or the still extant Muslim practice of forced female circumcision? There is no question that any civilized free society, especially America, would see that inhumane abuses carried out under the guise of faith practices do not warrant protection as freedom of religion. And no religion practiced in the modern world comes close to Islam for advocating violence and intolerance or for abusing human rights. As many Islamists have proclaimed, 9/11 was its crowning achievement to date.

Obama is exploiting Americans' pride in the concept of freedom of religion as an excuse for allowing Islamists to flip off the American people at the very scene of the most egregious crime perpetrated on American soil. It is typical of his hypocrisy and yet another example of how antagonistic he is toward the ideals that made our country the greatest source of hope for enslaved and exploited people everywhere.