Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Back on the Cain Train

I never left the Cain Train. But I’m glad to see that many who were temporarily distracted by the bimbo eruptions and the desperate reach for Newt Gingrich are moving back to Cain instead of the other candidates they’ve flirted with in the debate marathon before the primaries.

Here’s why:

Although she is revered by Tea Party types as a true conservative and even though she is far more eloquent than Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman just hasn’t quite mustered the charisma necessary to stir the electorate.

Ron Paul is smart and good and unfortunately the Ralph Nader of the Republican Party. His stand on principle is admirable, but he’s so dogmatic in his libertarianism as to be unelectable.

Rick Perry has the presidential look to attract attention and a solid record of achievement in Texas, but that comment about being heartless if you don’t agree with him on immigration policy lost the Tea Party crowd like the trust that evaporates when an unfaithful spouse is exposed.

Newt Gingrich is just too smart by half. If he didn’t have that extra half, he wouldn’t have made TV commercials with Nancy Pelosi, wouldn’t have been sucked in even briefly by the manmade global warming crowd, nor pontificated in the recent debate about illegal immigration in such a way that was meant to be thoughtful but was spelled like A-M-N-E-S-T-Y.

And Mitt Romney—well, it’s obvious that’s who the Obama team wants to carry the banner for the Republicans. He cannot effectively attack Obama’s Achilles heel—Obamacare—because its inspiration was Romneycare. Not to mention how easy it is to mock him for his off-center faith. Or to call him a “One Per Center” for his corporate success.

Among those who have garnered double digit poll support this season, that leaves Herman Cain. But he’s not the candidate of default. I think even Tea Partiers would support ANY of the other Republican candidates in a general election over the hapless, incompetent, maladjusted Barack Obama.

Herman Cain leads the pack because he is the very candidate that the Democrats fear most.

  • Herman Cain’s race defuses the white-guilt factor that got Obama elected.
  • Herman Cain is an articulate and forceful public speaker. He does not need teleprompters.
  • Herman Cain has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and racked up achievement after achievement in the real world of business in direct contrast to Barack Obama, who has done nothing outside of academia and government work.
  • Herman Cain has weathered a powerful smear campaign by remaining cool, calm, collected and resolute.
  • Herman Cain has a specific, real plan for getting the economy back on track so that all boats will float on a rising tide—9-9-9. He understands that the best way to help the disadvantaged is through a vigorous, healthy free enterprise system, not through welfare.
The man is Herman Cain. All aboard the train!