Monday, December 5, 2011

The Cain Train Derailed

I certainly don't regret backing Herman Cain all the way through. He has been the strongest voice of free market American exceptionalism to emerge in this run up to the presidential election. That he has been taken down via gossip and character assassination is unfortunately no surprise.

But regardless how it happened, he is gone and the next question is whom to support next.

I took a poll of the mostly young people at the dinner table yesterday. There was little agreement about whom to support. But the unanimous outcome was "Anyone but Obama."

I'll vote for that!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Cain Train Chugs On...

I am amazed that Herman Cain is still in the race. A lesser man would have wilted under the relentless assault on his integrity, especially after this week's latest, most unsavory bimbo eruption.

Although I would gladly vote for any other Republican in the race over the despicable Barack Obama in a general election, it is clear that Herman Cain is the truest conservative, free market, American exceptionalist candidate in the race. If he falls out, we have to accept second best.

No one but Herman Cain knows the whole story on the various allegations against him. But I can say this for sure: they did not occur in a vaccuum. There are forces helping them to the surface that absolutely, positively do not want the ultimate political outsider Herman Cain to run against the ultimate political insider Barack Obama.

If we don't support Herman Cain now, he will run out of money and have no choice but to drop out of the race, removing the one true conservative from contention.

Unless there is some proof that the bimbos are telling the truth and Herman Cain is lying, or unless Herman Cain lays down the banner himself, I am sticking with him. In fact I made another contribution this morning. I think no small number of true believers in conservativism are doing so as well.

Are you?