Monday, April 9, 2012

Top Five Reasons Not to Vote for Barack Obama

The way I figure it, you've got to be seriously ignorant or in deep denial to support Barack Obama this time around. Unless of course you actually are against free enterprise, Christianity, Judaism, the right to own property, freedom of speech, representative democracy, personal responsibility, or any of the other unique combination of values that were instrumental in America's becoming the biggest and best nation in the history of the world in the twentieth century.

By this time it should be apparent to any thinking person that Barack Obama is a disaster not just for America but for the free world. In undermining America's success he may be heartening those in the Third World who resent America's success, but he is killing the chance of impoverished people everywhere to improve their lot. All that can result from his relentless attack on success is to bring the level of the achievers in the world down closer to that of the incompetent. No one at the bottom will ever rise to success because of government attacks on the successful.

But maybe all that is lost on you because you still think America is somehow better for electing a black President, any black President, or because you believe the tripe about green jobs or manmade global warming or that the bailouts or stimulus giveaways saved us from the brink of the second Great Depression. Think again. As an aid to that, here are five quick reasons to vote against Barack Obama this November even if you are somehow uncomfortable with Mormons, people who are successful in business, people who actually have managerial experience and a proven track record, or white people, any white people.

1. Obamacare. This one act allows the government to take complete control over another fifth of the economy and over everything having to do with an individual's body. First of all do not believe that you will be able to keep your doctor. For one thing, you will see a huge number of doctors stop practicing when they know that Obamacare is inevitable. It just won't be worth it any more. Not so many people will make the sacrifices it takes to survive Med School just so they can be a state worker. Moreover, the ultimate aim of Obamacare is to eliminate private insurance altogether. Then the same type of people who work at the DMV or the tax assessor's office will be the ones determining what medical care you can get, how and when you will get it, and whether to pull the plug on Granny.

2. Race Relations. Paradoxically half-white half-black Barack Obama has been the worst thing to come down the pike for race relations since Jim Crow. By constantly harping on the race issue--from the Beer Summit fiasco to his ill-conceived comments about Trayvon Martin to his Attorney General Eric Holder's refusal to prosecute Black Panthers who openly intimidated voters in the 2008 election--Obama has pandered to the worst side of American idealism to promote his dependancy agenda and his reelection. At a time when people black and white were thinking less and less about skin color and more and more about content of character, he has stopped that trend in its tracks.

3. Energy Costs. For God's sake, any moron could have figured out that toppling friendly dictatorships in Egypt and Libya would just provide an opening for radical Islamists at this point in history. Well, the Muslim Brotherhood is about to take over the government of Egypt, Libya is a complete mess, radical Islamists have taken over an area in the Sahara larger than France, and Iran is on the brink of possessing nuclear strike capability with the avowed aim of obliterating Israel. Is it any wonder, considering how he has squelched oil development in the U.S. and mucked things up in the Middle East, that gasoline is twice as expensive as when he took office? Thanks, Barack.

4. Unemployment. Forget the fake government number for the unemployment percentage. Look at the actual number of people working now vs. when Obama took office. Unless you have your head in the sand it should be obvious that Obama's big government, anti-capitalist crusade has done nothing but squelch recovery.

5. Social Mobility. The one unique thing about America that has drawn millions of hardworking, contributing immigrants over the years has been the unique opportunity its system of government (take note: that is system of government, not the government itself) gives to the individual to break free from the bonds of poverty and rise to a higher level. The more dependent the individual becomes on government support, the less freedom he has to do this. Under Obama the percentage of the American population on some form of government assistance has skyrocketed. I guess that's good if you want to be secure in your position in life. It's not so good if you have a mustard seed's worth of ambition.

There you have it. Now if you've really thought all that through, go out and vote for Barack Obama, take yourself an Ambien, and sleep peacefully tonight.

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LisaB said...

Hi, John. Are you familiar with conservative commentator Cal Thomas? He recently wrote a piece with even more reasons to be concerned about the re-election of Obama. Here's a link.