Monday, May 21, 2012

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Chen Guangcheng is free from China! The blind lawyer who escaped to our embasssy recently, then was ushered out by the Obama administration as quickly as possible, arrived in the U.S. this weekend with his wife and two children. He will be a fellow at the School of Law at New York University.

Not to diminish the threat to his relatives still in China or to the other people who helped him escape from detention there, but this is about the best outcome one could expect from a situation which was badly bungled by the Obama administration.

So now one might think that it is proper to give the Obama administration credit for doing something right.


The Obama administration was hugely embarassed that it was put in the position of having to champion a Chinese dissident whose main mission in life is to fight the genocide which is known as the One Child Policy, resulting in the abortion of millions of Chinese babies.

Talk about a war on women. The number of babies who have been aborted in China might be counted, but the effects on the mothers of those babies is incalculable.

The story of Chen's release is not getting as much play in the media as I would expect. I think it is obvious that it is something the blind sycophants of Obama would just as soon forget.

It is hard to say who gets credit for this happy outcome. It reminds me of the Somali Pirate incident in Obama's first year in office. Somebody down the chain of command in the Navy ignored Obama's impractical, interfering rules of engagement and saved a boat captain's life by killing his captors bang, bang, bang. Problem solved. And no thanks to Obama.

Chen was smart. He didn't just rely on the Obama administration to make his escape. He called Congress in the days following his being ushered out of our embassy so that the few real patriots left in Congress would not let his story die. And someone, somewhere in the big bureacracy of the Obama administration who still believes in freedom and American exceptionalism, made sure that things happened that needed to happen to spring Chen Guangcheng from China's grasp.

Whoever that person is, deserves the credit, but like all real heroes, he or she will probably never take rise to be known. But one thing we can be sure of: his name is not Barack Obama.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Obama's Chinese Fire Drill

The Obama administration found itself with a hot potato in its lap last week when blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng escaped captivity and ended up in the American Embassy.

U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke had inadvisedly picked him up and brought him in for protection when Chen called the embassy for help a few days before Hillary Clinton was to make a high profile visit. The Obama administration spent the next six days trying to figure out how to get rid of him without appearing not to care about human rights. Chen's hope was to leave China under Clinton's protection while protecting his friends and family through his high profile defection.

Finally, somehow either by passing on Chinese government threats to his family or perhaps by making some of its own, the Embassy persuaded Chen to leave for treatment at a hospital. Supposedly he had wounds incurred when he escaped the Chinese authorities that needed treatment a week after the fact?

Once he was in the hospital, Chen said he was surprised that U.S. staff disappeared, leaving him unprotected. As far as I can find in the news his whereabouts are now unknown and reports are that the Chinese Gestapo has been busy arresting friends and family and those who helped him escape.

It appears to me that Chen's biggest mistake, besides relying on the U.S. to stand up for individual rights against the Red Chinese, was his signature opposition to the genocide of forced Chinese abortion. This is intolerable to the death-revering Obama administration and their signature message that, among other things, Republicans are waging a war on women by opposing abortion. If I remember correctly, some 42 million babies have been aborted in the U.S. since the 70s and the Obama administration has been fighting tooth and nail alongside Planned Parenthood to continue promoting abortion. It would not do to help a dissident in China who has so dramatically brought to light the horrors of the killing machine there.

So here we have the very definition of a Chinese fire drill. Chen Guangcheng turned to America as the light of world to provide protection for him and his family from Chinese government brutality attempting to silence his protests. He was so naive. And like many others around the world are finding, including the American people, he found that trusting Barack Obama and his regime to fight for him was like accidentally picking up the gas can to put out the fire...