Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to the Fascist States of America

The Supreme Court's ruling this morning that the federal government can essentially force individual citizens to purchase health insurance through the government is the final straw in a series of court rulings and illegitimate legislation that negates the property rights and the individual and national sovereignty upon which the United States was founded.

Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the majority have officially passed the tipping point in the country's move from a representative democracy to a fascist state, one in which government and big business are all one and the same and the individual is nothing more than a Social Security number subject to the whims of the ruling class, a collection of pseudo-intellectuals and power hungry political hacks.

It makes me sick at heart. I feel that I have had the rug pulled right out from under my entire working career and my children's future coopted by the devil. I feel that the country is inexorably moving toward bankruptcy and/or civil war.

God help us.

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Maria said...

I think I am the only one that sees the opinion as a gift from Justice Roberts. Obama denied that it was a tax in an interview with George S (can't spell his name) on ABC. Now the Court rules that it is a tax. So now we have the President and his yes men having to respond to the ruling of the Court. Nancy Pelosi said the Act had to be passed so we would know what was in the Act and now the Supreme Court has told us since no one in Congress bothered to read it before the vote. The task is now on the Republican party to keep this in front of the voters by showing the ABC interview and the opinion of the Court. They need to get out their Tim Russert white boards and list what is really in the bill such as at least 21 taxes - yes taxes - that will apply to all of us. I heard on Friday that there is a 1% increase in the payroll tax and that much for the self employed as well. They need to start calling this what it is the Healthcare Tax/Penalty and stop calling it the Healthcare Act. The public must also be educated. Employees that have health benefits through their employer many times think they just pay the co-pay and that is it. They forget that part of the premium is coming out of their check - all they see/feel is the $15-$25 co-pay, they don't think about the $100-$500 or more deduction from their check nor do they think about what they could do with that money if it was in their check - I think about the $500 plus that is not in my check every payday! My list of what I could with it is long and I add to it every payday!! The other part that employees don't realize is that if their employer is self-funded, (typically larger emloyers) the employer is paying for the claims of employees - all of them! So if you go to the doctor for a cold your employer is going to pay for the entire claim and any prescriptions. Employers carry stop-loss coverage (if they are self funded)so that when claims reach a certain dollar amount (and it is a high dollar amount - millions)then the stop-loss coverage kicks in for the employer. If employees would work at keeping claims low that would help the company which in turn would help them in the paycheck! This is another area of education that the public needs to know and employees also need to stop going to the doctor for anything that comes up so health education is a must. But once again the Obamaites have convinced their groupies that going to the doctor is a must. People may think the Act is a good thing but 2014 has not arrived yet. I don't think they are going to be to happy when the reality of the Act slaps them in the face but hopefully by 2014 we will have someone else in the White House and the healthcare tax act will just be a thing of the past. Not all of the burden of getting the word out falls on the Republicans but on us as well to tell friends, co-workers and anyone that will listen. Huckabee had small business owners on his show last night. They own a bakery in St Louis and they gave numbers/percentages of the increase in their cost of doing business since 2008 and what the healthcare tax act would mean to them as a small business. It is this kind of info that must flood the country if we want something different in November.