Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to the Fascist States of America

The Supreme Court's ruling this morning that the federal government can essentially force individual citizens to purchase health insurance through the government is the final straw in a series of court rulings and illegitimate legislation that negates the property rights and the individual and national sovereignty upon which the United States was founded.

Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the majority have officially passed the tipping point in the country's move from a representative democracy to a fascist state, one in which government and big business are all one and the same and the individual is nothing more than a Social Security number subject to the whims of the ruling class, a collection of pseudo-intellectuals and power hungry political hacks.

It makes me sick at heart. I feel that I have had the rug pulled right out from under my entire working career and my children's future coopted by the devil. I feel that the country is inexorably moving toward bankruptcy and/or civil war.

God help us.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Behind Closed Doors

I think that despite polls which might show the presidential race to be close, the "North Carolina Effect" will rule the day and Barack Obama will be defeated.

The North Carolina Effect, evidenced in that state's recent election which squarely rejected homosexual marriage despite poll results indicating the vote would be close, is the tendency of people publicly to support a trendy cause but in fact to vote conservatively in the privacy of the polling booth.

Nobody wants to look like a homophobe. But in the eyes of the politically correct, it is not enough to tolerate alternate lifestyles, we must pretend that they are normal and call relationships within them something they are not, like "marriage". The queer extremists have cast the homosexual marriage issue as a hate issue. So those in the middle who want not to offend will publicly say they support homosexual marriage, even to a pollster, but when only their conscience is their guide and it really counts, they will vote for common sense.

There are a whole lot of people in the middle of the electorate who are not crazy about Mitt Romney. That he is a Mormon and that he is a fierce competitor, a capitalist star, makes them vaguely uncomfortable. But they know that Romney is someone who truly understands and is loyal to what made America great, and that he can make things happen to turn our economy around and restore our standing as a beacon of liberty to the world at large.

These folks in the middle like Obama's cool image, but they are embarrassed to admit they made a mistake in supporting him and embarrassed to support a square like Mitt Romney. And they are certainly scared to admit that they will vote against Obama in November for fear of appearing racist, just as those who vote against homosexual marriage are afraid of being called homophobes.

But they will vote against Obama this November. This North Carolina Effect will be Barack Obama's undoing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Zimmerman Guilty... of being Innocent.

George Zimmerman is back in jail. Supposedly from news reports he lied about some personal financial information and perhaps a second passport, so the judge has called him back to sit in jail. Presumably his wife is also now in danger of facing criminal charges for participating in the lies.

I'm sure it has not been easy for the local judge presiding over the case. He has without doubt been under intense pressure from the media and the race baiters who manipulate it to nail Zimmerman in the name of some kind of racial peace and justice. But it appears the real pressure is coming from the federal government, just based on the tactic of using small, irrelevant transgressions to keep the accused on his back, on the ground, in handcuffs... And going after family and friends as well.

Initial reports indicated that the lies regarding financial information had to to do with the amount of money being raised for his benefit by a website that was created after Zimmerman was accused of murdering Trayvon Martin.

I would bet my bottom dollar that the only reason that George Zimmerman is now in jail is that he is innocent. Now that more and more facts have come out about Zimmerman's encounter with Trayvon Martin that support Zimmerman's assertion that he shot Martin in self defense, the government's vested interest in their high-tech lynching of Zimmerman is at risk.

It is typical of the government that when they cannot successfully prosecute a person they target for a crime, they instead implicate them in lying or some other petty offense. There are so many laws on the books now that no one can possibly know them all and we are all probably breaking at least one a day. The government - and the distinctions being federal, state, and local government are increasingly meaningless, so it's really always the federal government calling the shots whenever it wants to - can always find a way to subvert the concept of habeas corpus.

Eric Holder's Justice Department is corrupt from top to bottom. That is apparent from the "Fast and Furious" gunrunning operation, among other miscarriages of justice which, in a not-funny irony, the Justice Department itself is implicated. Holder is now using his official position to tell the black community - in churches no less! - that conservatives want to deny minorities their right to vote. And of course, his boss Barack Obama showed his hand early on when he rushed to judgment on the cop in Cambridge, accusing him of racism when in fact, it turned out, he was just doing good police work.

These miserable malcontents Obama and Holder, thrust into power by a collective weak moment of the American electorate, are hell bent on finding a racist in every woodpile they can. By misusing the very justice system which they deplore, they undermine everyone's trust in it, with the ultimate goal of making us all miserable together.

I don't know whether George Zimmerman told any actual lies to the authorities or not, and except for what he had to say about his encounter with Trayvon Martin, I do not care. It does not matter. If the government cannot make a case that Zimmerman is guilty of murder, he should be walking free.