Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama's Man, David Petraeus

I admired David Petraeus for the the can-do job he did as a military commander in Iraq, and later Afghanistan. But when he agreed to be Obama's CIA director, I had to scratch my head.

I suppose he thought he could do more good correcting the malfeasance of a corrupt administration  from the inside than from the outside.

And now that Petraeus was getting ready to testify before Congress about the Obama administration's disastrous handling of the events in Benghazi, Libya on 9/11 this year, and no doubt tell the truth, the Obama thugs have obviously turned him out by threatening to expose his affair with the woman writing his biography. Thus his sudden resignation.

David Petraeus has learned a valuable lesson, a little too late: If you lie down with dogs, you are going to get fleas.

I am not referring to his affair, but to his job with the Obama administration.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

If Barack Obama has won this election... goes down as my second greatest disappointment of the year.

The networks are calling the election for him though at this point Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado are too close to call. The network leftists are basing their hopeful projection on presumed exit polls and wishful thinking, and no doubt a strong faith in voter fraud.

I think it's no small coincidence that there was a surge of voters late in the day, rattling the local election officials, creating a sense of inevitability, and buying time for manipulating official results.

They have done Hugo Chavez proud.

UPDATE 11/7: Final popular vote totals show Obama with about 2.5 million more votes than Romney. Interestingly, it is being reported that roughly 2.5 million fewer voted for Romney this year than for McCain in 2008. That is hardly believable, given the increased enthusiasm among Republicans for putting Obama out this year and the distinct lack of enthusiasm for McCain in 2008. So... perhaps if there is a voter fraud conspiracy to be found, it is not that the Obama numbers were inflated but that the Romney numbers were suppressed. Frankly, that does seem that it would be the easier way to throw an election.

I believe that a lot of skullduggery is going to filter to the surface over the next few months suggesting that this election's numbers were no more legitimate than the government's jobs data and no more honorable than the Justice Department's pursuit of justice...

Saturday, November 3, 2012

All you need is...

...a dog, it seems. Although I'm not knocking any other ideals that can end that sentence.

This little fellow has had eye problems all his life, but last week he went completely blind. A small fortune in vet bills later we have ruled out fungus, cancer, and tick bites but the experts are still stumped about why he lost sight in both eyes. Now it's seven medications a day and bumping around the house like a robot vacuum cleaner. But he still barks back at Zippy the barkoholic around the corner, he can still smell deer walking through the back yard, and he's getting more treats than ever. And you know what? He greets every day still wagging his tail.

There's a lot to be learned from that.

God bless him!