Thursday, December 13, 2012

Way out Charlotte Pike...

...and a few miles due north on Highway 13, I can finally slip the surly bonds of suburbia.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Obama's rich guy is the big-nosed palooka on the right.

I know not everybody pays very close attention to the news. I turn it off myself about half the time nowadays as it's just too dang depressing hearing constantly how the inmates are running the asylum.

Now that the Obama administration has swept back into office on the strength of either class warfare (if you take at face value the conventional wisdom being pushed in the mainstream media) or fraud (if you believe me), Obama and his flying monkey army are now more than ever before pushing higher taxe rates on "the rich"... and more spending!

They are counting on we the people not paying close attention but generally approving of the rich paying more taxes.

Now, when I think of the rich, or you think of the rich, we probably picture Warren Buffett or George Soros or Michael Moore or Bill Gates or Ted Turner or one of those other fine folks.

Correct your misconception: The people whom Obama's hoped-for tax policy is going to skewer is not one of those guys. It is the big-nosed palooka in the right in the picture. And that would be ME.

I am an entrepreneur. I am a small business owner. I and those like me - there are about 27 million of us in the U.S. - account for nearly two-thirds of non-government employment and nearly 60% of everything sold in the U.S.

We are considered "rich" because our businesses generate more than $200,000 in revenue a year. That's revenue, not profit or cash flow, and that does not mean that anywhere near $200,000 goes into our pockets as a paycheck. But we are exactly those whom Obama wants to soak when he talks about "the rich". It's not Warren Buffett.

Most of us "rich" don't live in the very best neighborhoods. We don't drive the newest cars. We don't necessarily have a yacht or a private jet or any one of the other Thurston Howell III images the Obamasheviks would have you believe.

We know the value of a dollar because we earn each dollar we live on every day, and we get our entertainment in humble ways just like most Americans, like maybe by taking a family picture on the back porch with a bunch of fake noses and glasses on.

Remember, that's who Obama is going after with this tax increase. And I warn you: Even if you are not in the picture above today, you are the next big-nosed palooka available for a good whopping sucker punch tomorrow.

Saturday, December 1, 2012