Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Bar Bet Word: Moot

First of all, don't spell it m-u-t-e, a common mistake because the meaning is so similar... yet different.

If you are like me, you've always thought "moot" meant silent, as in the common phrase about something being "a moot point" - i.e., there's nothing to be said about it. Which, if that were correct, the spelling "mute" would work just fine.

Actually the opposite is true. Moot means endlessly arguable. It means so debatable that a conclusion cannot be reached about it.

So a moot point is not one that goes without saying, but is one that can be argued till the cows come home and never to a definite point. It's not silence, it's blather!

Perfect for a bar bet, for I posit that most conversation under the influence of alcohol, though sometimes entertaining, is just that - blather.

And that's my moot point for the day.

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