Saturday, May 30, 2015

Book Review: Totalitaria by Ian Wishart

Remember when Obama gave that speech in front of the fake pillars in Denver? Remember how he stood there absorbing the ovation from the massive crowd, his hands folded behind his back, that unsettling smug look on his face? There was something about the look that made me think: That's what the serpent looked like right after Eve got Adam to take the bite out of the apple. That was the moment I knew there was something very wrong about this guy.That look is captured on the cover of Ian Wishart's book Totalitaria, subtitled "What If the Enemy Is the State?"

I first heard Ian Wishart on the radio a couple of years ago and made note to order his book. What impressed me about him was his grasp of history and his ability to tie the threads of the past together with current events. Things don't happen in a vacuum but most of the time we are too busy staring at grains of sand to see the tide coming in. He's spotted the tsunami. Perhaps the fact that he's from New Zealand gives him some perspective that an American author may lack. Yet he knows America well, where it came from and where it seems to be going. Listening to Wishart was a romp through history. Finally I ordered the book and now finally I have read it through. Even though it's been out over a year, it is still spot-on timely.

With footnotes on virtually every page, Totalitaria is fact-packed. But it is a fluid read thanks to Wishart's conversational style and it is a fascinating "hidden history" lesson in itself, covering everything from Gnosticism to Globalism.

Totalitaria is for you if you've been vaguely uncomfortable with a lot of things going on in our culture but you can't quite put you're finger on the problem. Like wondering why in the world we're letting so many unskilled immigrants into the country. Like wondering where the heck Common Core came from. Like wondering how so much of the American population seems to have gone overnight from self-reliance to dependency, whether via food stamps or Obamacare. Like wondering why Judeo-Christian values are under constant assault and what happened to the faith of a whole generation. Like wondering how the President and seemingly the whole country could turn on a dime from supporting traditional marriage to cramming "gay rights" down everyone's throats. Like not quite buying the whole climate change thing. Like wondering why the millennials are so over-communicated yet so ill-informed. Generally speaking, wondering how Western Civilization is suddenly down the rabbit hole.

I won't go into the details. Taken out of context, many of the facts he cites sound far-fetched. His art and his gift to us is connecting the dots. If you value freedom and you're scratching your head over how suddenly everything seems to have been turned inside out and upside down in America, buy this book, take it to heart, and then pass it on.

(You can link to the Amazon listing by clicking on the image of the book cover at the top of this posting.)

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