Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nashville MTA - Get Your B.A. Buses Out of the Right of Way!

At first glance, you might logically think this picture shows a passenger a little full from the buffet, slow to stand up and get on the bus stopping there in front of the Shoney's on White Bridge Road.

Not so. Put on your progressive thinking cap and think again.

It's the DRIVER of the bus. Taking a break. From all the stress of driving around a bus full of, oh, maybe on a heavy trip, a dozen passengers, but typically no more than a handful.

That bus is STOPPED. On White Bridge Road. During rush hour on a Thursday morning. With vehicles streaming off Charlotte Pike and Briley Parkway forced to merge from three lanes to two because this is an MTA approved break room for the drivers.

Any moron would know that this practice not only makes the congestion worse on roads that are already over used, but is also major a safety hazard. When you pull up behind the bus, thinking it will move on, it doesn't. So then you have to get around its B.A. (my then-adolescent son informed me one day that the "B.A. Burger" at Krystal does not actually mean "Big Angus." Think about it.) Try darting into the traffic flow on White Bridge road from a full stop. You are taking your life into your hands.

This B.A. B.S. goes on all day long. Just take a look at the next picture taken later in the day and you will see how these buses that are supposed to be reducing Nashville's emissions have fouled the road surface, sitting there idling while their drivers are idling. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

When I called MTA about this shituation, they were adamant that it was a safe practice (according to the safety director, I was told). Moreover, they pointed out, they had been doing it for fifteen years.

My office has been a block away from this location for over fifteen years. I can tell you, traffic now is NOTHING like it was fifteen years ago. You could have lined up rickshaws there fifteen years ago and no one would have cared. Oh that traffic were still like that!

Now MTA has come out with a new plan to spend billions of dollars on mass transit (CLICK HERE for a news bit about it; CLICK HERE for the MTA B.S. about it). Given the stupidity shown at White Bridge Road and Charlotte Pike, if I were mayor instead of Dingbat (who is no better than our former mayor Meathead) I'd pull the plug on the whole operation.

But no. Instead while we're waiting breathlessly to waste billions more, let's waste a scant million dollars on new bus stops like the one below (according to Beacon Center's 2016 Tennessee Pork Report; CLICK HERE to see - the expense of the new shelters is mentioned on page 12).

My question is, what is that deodorant applicator doing to the left of it? I can guarantee it won't do a thing for how much this waste of taxpayer money stinks. Note also the black thing hanging down from the ceiling. It's an electronic ticker tape board that, I suppose, is designed to make you think you might actually be in a gate at the airport. Note also that there is NO BENCH. But there is a handy bar you can tie your horse to while waiting for the bus.

Come on, folks. Did you not learn anything from the AMP debacle?


No one except a few liberal Vandy and Belmont students and professors who will take great delight in riding their bicycles to the bus stop, tying up traffic while they mount them on the nose of the bus, and then enjoying their choice of seats because no one else is on the bus. I can't cite my source for this, but I've heard that MTA only operates at 15% capacity. I'm not sure if that's seat capacity or mental capacity, but it ain't much capacity either way.

The other people who ride the bus don't do it because they want to, they do it because they HAVE TO. I feel for these people and I do believe it's in the community's interest to help them get where they need to be for jobs, childcare, etc. Here's an idea that will be much cheaper: subsidize Uber and Lyft service for them. Everyone will be happier.

And we won't have to follow behind MTA's stinky, slow, B.A. buses. Now that's an idea for mass transit!